KHT Montessori LLC started as a dream about providing teachers and parents from around the world an affordable Montessori education program online that could be completed in 24 months or less. In 2006 this dream became a reality as Karen H. Tyler dusted off her collection of Montessori Teachers Albums, updated them and created a small yahoo group based classroom linked to WorldWideMontessoriOnline.com. Over the past few years people from all over the world (over 1800)  including homeschoolers, day care providers, teachers, AMS/AMI/etc. certified teachers, those attending universities, etc., started to sign up to take her course. The number of students has grown far past Karen’s wildest dreams and far beyond the the limits of the current yahoo groups system. This brought the future of the course to a fork in the road; either start turning away prospective students or get a better online classroom website. Karen created KHT Montessori LLC and her son Anthony Ross Tyler took on the challenge of creating a website classroom/shop experience that can handle the increased enrollment. He also created many enhancements to make the online classroom more user friendly and the whole experience more enriched. The dream now is to look to the future and grow KHTMontessori.com to include things like interactive iPad Teachers Manuals, Montessori apps for kids, live online teacher seminars and video instructional content. We hope our student base continues to grow so that we can fund our dreams and provide you all with even more Montessori education training/tools  in the future.

72dpi (1 of 1)Karen H. Tyler (founder and education leader):

Karen is an AMS trained pre-primary teacher with over 30 years of experience. She has taught at several Montessori schools and even opened a few from the ground up. Karen’s personal set of Montessori Albums/Manuals are the same ones that we offer on KHT Montessori.com.  Karen is the mother of 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She resides in Indiana with her husband Ross and dog Toby.

KHT_About_Anthony_MontessoriAnthony Ross Tyler (aesthetic and technical creator):

Anthony is Karen’s son. He is a Montessori educated child attending many of the schools Karen was a part of. Anthony has over a decade of experience creating, facilitating and managing training programs. The programs range from traditional classroom – power point with leader’s guide – workbooks to modern interactive iPad apps and web based eLearning. Anthony is also a passionate multimedia artist primarily focused in photography. He lives in Nashville with his wife Kat and 4 year old son Vincent.