Month 1: Practical Life

Manual (guided study of every section)

  • Practical Life

 Responsibilities of the Student in this Online Montessori Course

  • Reading all of the course material.
  • Participating in the Forum Discussions by making comments and asking questions.
  • Practicing (when possible) the presentations.
  • Tracking your Progress by taking the open book quick quizzes that are found at the completion of each month (optional).
  • Additional assignments are optional for students that would really like to achieve complete internalization of the Montessori Method.

How to Use the Teaching Manuals

  • How to Use the Albums
  • Child following Steps and Order
  • Failure and the Preschool child
  • Problem Solving for a Preschool child
  • Engaging the Child
  • Re-directing the Child
  • Mixed Ages Working Together

The Montessori Method

  • Dr. Maria Montessori – Creative Passion for Life
  • Differences with Montessori and Traditional Education
  • Is Montessori Education Rigid?
  • Progressive Montessori Educator
  • Are You Struggling with a Touch of Traditional Eyesight?

Starting to work with a child using the Montessori Method

  • Preparing the Environment
  • Montessori Materials
  • How to Begin to Set up a Work Time
  • Goals for the Montessori Child
  • Observing a Child
  • 3 Period Lessons
  • Giving a Presentation
  • Concrete Before Abstract
  • Tracking the Child