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Enrollment Bundles for August 2013 are “in stock” in the shop!

30 June

Pre-enrollment has ended. Thanks to all those who used “Save My Seat” to make a deposit for Aug 2013. We will be emailing those people the $100 off coupon this week.

For everyone else, if you want to sign up for our 12 month course that starts August 1st 2013 go here and select a pricing option. If you pay before Aug 1st you get early access to the Student Portal area of the site.

We have been asked how many other groups we will start this year and when. The answer is 1 or 2 more. We are not sure when yet as this year we are still testing how much traffic our new site can handle and how much work Karen and I can do haha. Sorry for not being able to nail this down yet but we will keep all on our email list updated once we decide on the next date