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Interactive Course Syllabus is live!

17 February

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The syllabus can be found in the Courses dropdown menu above or click HERE.

Based on popular demand we have created a detailed syllabus overview for our 12 Month Certificate Program. We have has a slightly different version that was less specific posted for students only until today. We really wanted everyone to get a clear road-map of what is included.

To make it more fun than the tradition outline format we made the syllabus interactive. You click on a thumbnail to view the detail for that month’s section (some months have more than one thumbnail) and/or you can click the blue month buttons to narrow down the thumbnails by month. Use your browsers back button to go back to the main syllabus.

You will see that there are book studies listed most months. We have created an FAQ here to answer the question “do i have to go buy these books”. The short answer to that is no but you can if you want.

Go take a look and have fun clicking around and discovering!