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Monthly Payments… finally!

22 February


Wow this was a tough one. A few people wanted to pay monthly and the challenge was…  how can we do that and still give them manuals at 50% off or close. We did not want a repeat performance of “pay for one month, buy all the manuals for 50% and run”!!! Haha yeah a similar situation has occurred to Karen before and so she has been uploading the pages of the manual assigned in sections by hand to monthly students via dropbox for years. This extra work caused he to charge monthly students on her past websites $90 more a year than people paying up front.

We finally found a solution to lets us setup recurring automatic 12 months of payments via our shop. I also had to  build a special area of the site to upload the manuals one month at a time. By the end of the 12 months the monthly students will have access to all 12 manuals.

This costs us a bit more to run and takes more time so the monthly payment ($29 a month for 12 months) comes out costing $348 in the end. This is more than our yearly payment bundles that end up costing $315. So the cheapest way to do it is with a payment bundle. This also gives you the option to get your hands on the manuals early and study ahead.

If you can afford one of the bundles the monthly option may work perfect for you. Let us know if you have any questions

Click HERE to see all our payment options.

- Anthony