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School is in session

01 March

Yipee! Our first class on the new website started today. A couple of technical hiccups (sorry people for the emails while testing the notification system last night) but it is up and running and the new students are all playing the “getting to know each other game” in the online classroom. So much fun. It is March 1st and we are leaving the March sign-up options in the shop over the weekend. It is still possible to join now and catch up on a few days of class. Next week we will pull down those payment options and start pre-enrollment for May. Karen usually only does 4 intakes a year but… new site is easier for her to do her thing so we are shooting for 5 and maybe 6 this year. Keeps the class sizes below what they were last year (some classes last year had 120 people in them wow). We are trying to keep these classes around 30 this year. We are over that number for this march group but feel we could squeeze one or two more in if someone jumps in the next few days.