Course Overview


We offer a 12 Month Online Montessori Certificate Course. This course is created and lead by Karen H. Tyler a Montessorian with 30 years experience (more detail about Karen on the About page). Her dream is to provide  knowledge and the manuals needed to teach the Montessori Method in an affordable and convenient online classroom. Although many of our students have gone on to accept positions as teachers and teaching assistants in Montessori schools this course is not intended to take the place of a course taught at a certified Montessori teacher training school.  Please see this FAQ for clarification.

The course is best described using a triangle. Education is the top of triangle and the most improvement part of the course. It is supported by Interaction and Application. The diagram below will provide you with an overview of how the course works and everything we have to off at KHT Montessori.

Triangular LearningEDUCATION:

  • At the core of the course are the 12 main Teachers Manuals created by Karen.
  • Sections of each manual are assigned weekly for study (Course Detail).
  • Online lectures/paper/themes are conducted weekly by Karen.
  • Extensive searchable and categorized knowledge base with over 270 articles in 42 categories and growing.


  • Discussion forum for each student group.
  • Weekly Karen will lead discussion topics about assignments and other topics listed above.
  • Students are expected to participate weekly in all discussions (can be on your own time schedule).
  • We have a Blog that will be updated with stories from students and other newsletter type subjects.
  • We also want to connect with everyone through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instgram.


  • The 12 manuals Montessori have activities for use in the classroom or can be adapted to the home environment.
  • During the course you will apply what you are learning to your classroom environment (or testing it out on your children at home).
  • Upon course completion you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed a pre-primary training course (2-6 years old) by KHT Montessori LLC and signed by Karen H.  Tyler, AMS. Many learning institutions have and will accept this Montessori teacher training course for employment opportunities. Please contact us for more information.