Certificate Course

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How many hours a week does the course require?

First off the Course Overview can be found here http://khtmontessori.com/courses/course-overview/ that will get you a good overall picture of the course.

On to time estimates: The best way to describe how the course feels is like this…

  1. Start of week I post an assignment in the classroom (usually teachers manual reading section and activity to try out) you are notified via email to check in and get assignment.
  2.  Start of the week I post lectures and discussion through our Forum. Students are encouraged to ask questions and post comments.
  3.  You study the section of the manual and practice the presentations for the activities for those children (if you are not a teacher in a classroom or homeschooling this is not required) that are ready to experience the new presentations. Next, you are encouraged to ask questions and post comments on the Forum. This can be done based on your schedule.
  4.  In the middle of the week, I post a second assignment and the process repeats for 12 months.

Most weeks, I post 2-3 assignments. There is also a wealth of extra info that can be discovered at your leisure (knowledge base, links and goodies which can be found in the Downloads are like cards, kits, support forms, etc.).

My best estimate is based on what my present students have shared with me…It will take approximately a few hours a week and a maximum of as much time as someone wants to sink into it. Some students spend time reading books, blogs, etc., on Montessori and Early Childhood. Some students spend time making many of their own materials. I give many support materials that are read to print, cut and use!

Thanks for considering us!

Karen Tyler, AMS

What age group is your curriculum targeting?

10 of the albums are written to cover the start of lower elementary. This is because children that are 5 and 6 years of age often need to go further in their studies. Children seem to progress quickly in some subjects and not in others. Since, we do “follow the child” I have extended the scope of my albums to make sure that children ages 2-6 can go as far as they are capable and ready to in all of the subjects.

I also refer my students to another instructor that runs a course for lower elementary, similar to the way that I do this one…her course “bridges” my course. So, I go up beyond the typical (if there is such a thing) 6 year old, and she starts down below what a 7 year old would start.

Hope I have helped,


Does the $192.50 Pay As You Go payment include all manuals?

Sorry it does not. It does include the first required manual Practical Life for month 1 of the course. Manuals are required to participate in the course but the students needs to pay for them. The one time payment does get you 50% off all manuals regardless of if they are purchased all at once or month by month as they are assigned. The 50% off code has to be activated manually so wait for an email confirming it before adding the manuals to the cart. The discount will show on the checkout page before you pay.

Is there a discounted rate for multiple teachers from the same school?

We will consider discounting a group of 3 or more teachers from the same school. Please contact us directly at info@khtmontessori.com with any requests.


Will I be AMS and/or AMI certified after taking your course?

The short answer is no. The detail as to what a KHT Montessori certificate gets you is below.

Upon completion of the entire course, you will receive a certificate that will say that you have completed a pre-primary training course (2-6 years old) by KHT Montessori LLC  and signed by me with my AMS notation. I want you to realize that it would take a lot more for you to become certified as a Montessori teacher with an AMS or AMI credential. In the school I attended (AMS) you had to have a 4 year degree and then take the 3 year Montessori training certification course….as well as pay close to $4,000. I also had to work as an intern for 9 months. Prices now range from $4000 – $9,000 or more to get certified in early childhood via a AMS or AMI program. Also every AMS & AMI program we are aware of is required to be completed “on campus” and not totally “on line”.  If your goal is to become AMS or AMI certified and your budget/time allows it, go for it! If not our course may be perfect for you.

Our KHT 12 month course certificate has been used as proof of taking a Montessori teacher training course. Hundreds of my students have gone on to accept positions as teachers and teaching assistants in Montessori schools….even more have opened their own Montessori classrooms and schools in their homes and outside of their homes. Of course, when applying for a position in a Montessori school, it is up to the Director as to how you interview for the position and if they feel that you have known how to present the materials. Every school has their own set of rules. Many of my students are working in an AMI, AMS, etc. school…..but, there are even AMI schools that will not hire AMS certified teachers. It might help you to know that in our December 2011 group I have 3 directors of Montessori schools taking the course along with their teaching staff. 2 of these schools are AMS and one is AMI. I have about a dozens of students that have already taken a mainline course from AMI or AMS, etc. and even though they have paid the huge fees and have received their diplomas…they are taking this course because of the albums and simplicity of knowledge. I have worked with training staff for over 50 schools now all over the world.

Please contact me directly at karen@khtmontessori.com with any other questions/concerns about this topic,



What is in this “Downloads” section only enrolled students get?

Lots of stuff. Even products that we are finalizing and will sell in the store are given for free to students. Here is a screen shot of about 65% of the list (all that would fit on the screen without scrolling). We are still adding more to it :)


What is the “Knowledgebase” that students only get access too?

It is a collection of questions and answers about Montessori, child development and some specific things KHT Montessori. It has over 40 categories and over 270+ articles. Some of the most common and most unique questions Karen has encountered in her 30 plus years are stored here. Easily searchable and categoriezed. THere is even the ability to submit a question that you do not find an answer to. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like.


Do I have to purchase the books listed each month as a “book study” in the syllabus?

No you do not have to purchase each book. Karen will cover the concepts and her opinion of each area of the assigned book and start discussions in the forum. You may find it helpful to purchase or find these books in your local library to further enhance your study through this course. All these books come highly recommended by Karen as well as many other Montessorians.