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What age group is your curriculum targeting?

10 of the albums are written to cover the start of lower elementary. This is because children that are 5 and 6 years of age often need to go further in their studies. Children seem to progress quickly in some subjects and not in others. Since, we do “follow the child” I have extended the scope of my albums to make sure that children ages 2-6 can go as far as they are capable and ready to in all of the subjects.

I also refer my students to another instructor that runs a course for lower elementary, similar to the way that I do this one…her course “bridges” my course. So, I go up beyond the typical (if there is such a thing) 6 year old, and she starts down below what a 7 year old would start.

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Why do I not see my 50% discount when adding manuals to my cart?

The 50% off discount is for students currently pre-enrolled or enrolled in a active course. It is also only for students that have paid the course fees up front (not month to month). If this describes you then there are a few reasons why it could happen.

1) You just paid for your course and we have to activate the 50% off discount manually and may not have gotten to you yet. This usually occurs with in hours of paying for enrollment but may take up to 24 hours.

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