Faqs / How many hours a week does the course require?

First off the Course Overview can be found here http://khtmontessori.com/courses/course-overview/ that will get you a good overall picture of the course.

On to time estimates: The best way to describe how the course feels is like this…

  1. Start of week I post an assignment in the classroom (usually teachers manual reading section and activity to try out) you are notified via email to check in and get assignment.
  2.  Start of the week I post lectures and discussion through our Forum. Students are encouraged to ask questions and post comments.
  3.  You study the section of the manual and practice the presentations for the activities for those children (if you are not a teacher in a classroom or homeschooling this is not required) that are ready to experience the new presentations. Next, you are encouraged to ask questions and post comments on the Forum. This can be done based on your schedule.
  4.  In the middle of the week, I post a second assignment and the process repeats for 12 months.

Most weeks, I post 2-3 assignments. There is also a wealth of extra info that can be discovered at your leisure (knowledge base, links and goodies which can be found in the Downloads are like cards, kits, support forms, etc.).

My best estimate is based on what my present students have shared with me…It will take approximately a few hours a week and a maximum of as much time as someone wants to sink into it. Some students spend time reading books, blogs, etc., on Montessori and Early Childhood. Some students spend time making many of their own materials. I give many support materials that are read to print, cut and use!

Thanks for considering us!

Karen Tyler, AMS

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