Faqs / Will I be AMS and/or AMI certified after taking your course?

The short answer is no. The detail as to what a KHT Montessori certificate gets you is below.

Upon completion of the entire course, you will receive a certificate that will say that you have completed a pre-primary training course (2-6 years old) by KHT Montessori LLC  and signed by me with my AMS notation. I want you to realize that it would take a lot more for you to become certified as a Montessori teacher with an AMS or AMI credential. In the school I attended (AMS) you had to have a 4 year degree and then take the 3 year Montessori training certification course….as well as pay close to $4,000. I also had to work as an intern for 9 months. Prices now range from $4000 – $9,000 or more to get certified in early childhood via a AMS or AMI program. Also every AMS & AMI program we are aware of is required to be completed “on campus” and not totally “on line”.  If your goal is to become AMS or AMI certified and your budget/time allows it, go for it! If not our course may be perfect for you.

Our KHT 12 month course certificate has been used as proof of taking a Montessori teacher training course. Hundreds of my students have gone on to accept positions as teachers and teaching assistants in Montessori schools….even more have opened their own Montessori classrooms and schools in their homes and outside of their homes. Of course, when applying for a position in a Montessori school, it is up to the Director as to how you interview for the position and if they feel that you have known how to present the materials. Every school has their own set of rules. Many of my students are working in an AMI, AMS, etc. school…..but, there are even AMI schools that will not hire AMS certified teachers. It might help you to know that in our December 2011 group I have 3 directors of Montessori schools taking the course along with their teaching staff. 2 of these schools are AMS and one is AMI. I have about a dozens of students that have already taken a mainline course from AMI or AMS, etc. and even though they have paid the huge fees and have received their diplomas…they are taking this course because of the albums and simplicity of knowledge. I have worked with training staff for over 50 schools now all over the world.

Please contact me directly at karen@khtmontessori.com with any other questions/concerns about this topic,



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