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This will pay all the class dues for the 12 Month Certificate Course and includes a download of the first manual for the class, Practical Life!  If you purchase this early don’t worry you will have access to the class sections of the website for the full term of the class. You will need to purchase the remaining 11 manuals as they are assigned but you get them at 50% off the regular price (see detail below). This brings the total cost to $355 by the end of the course.

Here is what is included in the $192.50 price:

  • The Practical Life Teachers Manual (PDF) download link in you “my account” section after purchase.
  • 12 month interactive online training lead by expert Montessorian Karen H. Tyler.
  • Weekly assignments based on our 12 core Teachers Manuals w/ online discussions lead by Karen
  • Online (written)features/lectures/book study series w/ online discussion by Karen
  • Access to our extensive online searchable and categorized knowledgebase with 270+ articles in 43 categories and growing. Some of the most common and most unique questions Karen has encountered in her 30+ years as a Montessorian with her answers.
  • Access to the Course Downloads section which includes tracking forms, kits, cards and tons of other exclusive goodies downloadable for free!
  • Personal, dependable, reliable support team. We answer our email. If you have a course question, need clarification about an assignment or tech support we are here to help!
  • Upon course completion a certificate from KHT Montessori LLC.
  • 50% discount on the 12 core teachers manuals (a $149.50 savings!).

Here is what is not included:

  • The  other 11 core teachers manuals must be purchased to participate in the course.
  • Once we receive your enrollment fee you will get an email letting you know your 50% has been activated. You can then add the manuals to your cart and see the discount at check out. No coupon code needed.
  • You can buy the remaining manuals as they are assigned each month or in advance. The 50% discount stays active the full 12 months of the course.
  • If you do not have your manuals you can not complete the course. If this occurs we will try to contact you and discuss why this occurred. If it can  not be resolved refund the remainder of your subscription and cancel your membership.



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