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The Mathematics Album contains almost 400 pages which includes close to 200 presentations.  The Mathematic materials offered in a Montessori classroom help to awaken mathematical ideas in the young child.  This is first experienced through the use of materials in the practical life area of the  environment.  These activities develop coordination between the brain and the senses.  Next Sensorial exercises develop concrete manipulative experiences in discover perceptual relationships.

The Mathematics Album gives systematic activities so that the young child starts with presentations that prepare them for Math.  Then they progress to presentations on Numeration Sets, Linear Counting, Base 10 (Decimal System),  Golden Beads, Stamp Game, Presentations on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. *

*Optional Purchase – Mathematic Support Forms.  These include over 125 forms that support the Math Album and include Beginning Activities, Mathematical Charts, Addition Forms, Subtraction Forms, Multiplication Forms, Division Forms, Colored Bead Bars, Golden Beads, Stamp Game, Dot Board, Strip Boards, Tens and Teen Boards, etc.



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