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The Physical Science Album contains 303 pages which includes over 80 activities!

The Physical Science Teachers Manual (PDF) helps children promote their sense of inquiry.  Why, What, When, Who and How are some of the first words that a child learns.  These presentations guide a child through experiences which help them define the world around them.  The presentations include introductions and activities on:  Matter, Liquid, Solid, Gas, Living, Non-Living, Once Living, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Elasticity, Plasticity, Rigidity, Light – Shadows/Reflection/Refraction, Energy, Light – Working as Energy, Electricity – Working as Energy, Magnets – Working as Energy, Air-Working as Energy, Water – Working as Energy, Moving Air and Water – Working as Energy, Sink and Float, Sound, Gravity,  Simple Machines, Fiction, Wedges, Levers, Inclined Planes, Pulleys, Wheels and Axles, Screws, Machines as Everyday Tools.




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