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The Zoology Album contains almost 800 pages which includes 9 sets of Nomenclature Cards for Invertebrates, 5 sets of Nomenclature cards for Vertebrates and 8 sets of Nomenclature Cards for Mammals (ready to print, cut out and use as 3 Part Cards/Booklets/Wall Charts).  There are also 5 sets of Whole Cards (colored photos), 6 sets of Label Cards and more than 40 activities!

Children have a sense of “wonder” and “love” for all that is living.  They quickly begin to appreciate that the world is full of animals.  The child is first introduced to the animal kingdom by sorting them into vertebrates and invertebrates.  Then the child is guided through many presentations that help them become  aware of animals and their groups, young, gender, voices, feet, tracks, disguises, homes, continents and terrains.   Next the child  is introduced to different invertebrates (phylum) and then to different vertebrates (phylum).


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